We announced our new service “The Sale of Nursing Home Business”/新サービス「介護事業売却」という選択

We want to start the support for company owners who plan to sell the Nursing Care Home that has already been two or three years since the Nursing Home Business started.

In my career and knowledge about Nursing Home Business, selling price value is three to four times the annual profit.

So, if one decides to sell his/her Nursing Care Home, the decision will be a better choice rather than the business continuity from one point of view.

I don’t think that the investment to build Nursing Care Home is almost safer than any other investment, because of the situation of Japan and other reasons such as huge demands which I knew from my own case.
But, now there are not any 300,000 elder living-home and bed for the sick patients in Japan.
In any case, we will soon require tremendous amount of the facility (Nursing Care Homes).

First of all, we will start the new strategy for our first customer.
Are you interested in this investment?


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